Scaling of energy spectra in weakly compressible turbulence 
作者Yufeng Dong; Guowei He
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要We find an asymptotic expression for the characteristic timescales of decorrelation processes in weakly compressible and isothermal turbulence. This result is used in the EDQNM equation to derive the scalings of compressible energy spectra: (1) if the acoustic waves are dominant, the compressible energy spectra exhibit the ?7/3 scaling; (2) if the local eddies straining is dominant, the compressible energy spectra are scaled as ?3. Meanwhile, the energy spectra of incompressible components display the same scaling of ?5/3 as the ones in incompressible turbulence. The direct numerical simulations of weakly compressible turbulence are used to examine the scaling.
关键词compressible turbulence; energy spectra; twopoint closure; space-time correlation

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